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USB stick booting Linux that has Nwipe secure erase Open Source software.

Nwipe works like DBAN dwipe, Nwipe has newer fixes.

Nwipe harddisk secure erase Open Source software is based on DBAN dwipe software.

Nwipe original repo had fixes that working version xet7 included to USB stick installed UPupBB Puppy Linux that is compatible with Ubuntu 18.10 packages.


Questions and Feedback to Lauri Ojansivu (xet7) by Email: [email protected]

1) Requirements

2) Download

nwipe.img - 0,974 GB, USB stick image, Linux 32bit

3a) Download Etcher USB stick writing GUI software

Start Etcher, open with it nwipe.img file, and write (Flash) it to USB stick.

3b) For nerds alternative to Etcher

If USB stick is for example sdb:

sudo umount /dev/sdb1 /dev/sdb2   (etc all partitions, that you see with df -h)

sudo dd if=nwipe.img of=/dev/sdb conv=sync  (in newer Linux you can add status=progress so you see progress)

4) Boot from USB stick

Insert USB stick to computer, press for example Esc or F12 when booting computer, with arrow keys select USB stick - name can be for example Kingston or other USB stick manufacturer name.

5) From Linux desktop doubleclick nwipe, write nwipe and press Enter

M=Method selects what erase method to use.

  1. Fastest and most unsecure is Quick Erase, writes zeros to harddisk.
  2. DoD short is slower and more secure, 3 passes, can take many hours depending on harddisk size.
  3. Other options take even more time.

With arrow keys and space you can select what drive to wipe, so you see text wipe on selected ones.

Shift-S starts wipe / erase.